10 Provocations for Future-Focused Education Policy

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At the conclusion of The Learning Bridge's first season, I’ve reflected on the many key learnings we’ve uncovered. More of the same is simply not enough if we wish to create a better system and a better future. We need a much tighter narrative link between education and the wider world. Further, it’s time to find the untapped human potential in all of us.

In this episode, I recap the conversations we’ve had over the past months and share my 10 provocations for the future. 

The crucial questions to consider in future-focused education policy:
  1. How do we remove education from the fragility of political control?
  2. How do we broaden the voices that help define the future developments in education?
  3. How can we move away from the restraints of trying to develop a new education system when the existing outcomes are always the focus?
  4. Have we spent too long debating how our schools should be managed, rather than how they should be led?
  5. How do we move away from the belief that schools improve by primarily focusing on industrial efficiency models?
  6. Do we not need to learn far more from how young children learn and think? To devise systems that are more bottom up than top down?
  7. Is it not time to move beyond the misinformed debate of “skills vs. knowledge?”
  8. If it takes a village to raise a child–and I firmly believe it does–then how do we do it?
  9. How do we recruit and train the right people to lead our education system?
  10. What is the place of technology?
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Richard Gerver
Richard Gerver
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10 Provocations for Future-Focused Education Policy