5 Common Traits Demonstrated By My Inspirational Guests

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As we've reached the midpoint of The Learning Bridge's first season, I'm taking an opportunity to reflect on the conversations we've featured to date and look ahead to the remaining episodes to come. 

In this episode, you'll hear some thoughts on wonderful conversations with:
  • David and Carrie Grant, BAFTA-winning broadcasters and singing coaches to the stars
  • Edu Rubio, UEFA and English Premier League coach
  • Catherine Atkinson, accomplished lawyer and current candidate for Parliament
  • Juan Verde, advisor to three US presidents and globally renowned sustainable development strategist
  • Dr. Manoj Krishna, former spine surgeon and founder of HappierMe
In considering all of these guests and their journeys, there were a handful of specific common lessons:
  1. Curiosity, and the ability to be proactive because of their curious nature
  2. Resilience - an extraordinary ability to bounce back from challenges
  3. Risk-taking - seeing challenges and taking them on
  4. Independence supported by the strength of the people around them
  5. A profound sense of higher purpose
When we think about our education system and the future of society, how can we, as parents, educators, and other influential adults, ensure that all children develop these competencies?

Stayed connected for the remaining episodes this season to hear more not-to-miss insights. 

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5 Common Traits Demonstrated By My Inspirational Guests