Dr. Manoj Krishna — Former Spine Surgeon and Founder of HappierMe on Empowering Young People to Lead Meaningful, Positive, and Happy Lives

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In this episode, we get to share a joyful conversation with Dr. Manoj Krishna. 

Manoj grew up in India and built a highly successful career as a spine surgeon before, following a relationship breakdown, deciding to devote his life to helping others understand themselves, their actions and their emotions. He has gone on to design and launch one of the world’s most exciting wellbeing and personal development apps, HappierMe. 

We discuss his own life, his motivations for the work he does now and what we can all do to help our young people live meaningful and positive lives, where collaboration, understanding and human wisdom is front and centre.

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About the host
Richard Gerver is a sought-after speaker, world-renowned thinker, and bestselling author of books including Change and Simple Thinking. His career began in education, first as a teacher and then as a school principal, when he turned the fortunes of a failing school and its pupils around in just two years.

Now regarded as one of the world's leading thinkers on human leadership and organisational transformation, Richard has worked with an extraordinary range of people, from elite athletes to former US President Barack Obama. Named UK Business Speaker of the Year three times, Richard has been invited to speak on the world’s most recognised stages, including TED, the RSA and the BBC.

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Creators and Guests

Richard Gerver
Richard Gerver
Speaker & author, President of @uksla, LinkedIn Instructor; passionate about #HumanPotential, #leadership, #change, #education & the search for #simple
Manoj Krishna
Manoj Krishna
Former spine surgeon, founder of HappierMe app, and author of Understanding Me, Understanding You
Dr. Manoj Krishna — Former Spine Surgeon and Founder of HappierMe on Empowering Young People to Lead Meaningful, Positive, and Happy Lives