Gill Hicks AM MBE — Motivational Speaker for Peace, Artist, Performer, and Survivor of the 2005 London Bombings

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Today it's an honour to bring you a conversation with the brave and inspirational Gill Hicks

Gill was a hugely successful young woman working in publishing and music, when, in a split second, her world was dramatically changed. On the morning of 7th July 2005, she was sat on a bus, on her way to work, two seats away from a suicide bomber. Gill was the last survivor dragged from the carnage of that horrific day, so badly injured that in hospital her name tag read, “One Unknown, probably female.” 

In this life-affirming and deeply moving episode, Gill discusses her life before and after the attack and the extraordinary life she lives now, dedicated to peace, reconciliation and combating radicalisation. She talks about young people, resilience and how together, we can change the world for the better.  

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Richard Gerver is a sought-after speaker, world-renowned thinker, and bestselling author of books including Change and Simple Thinking. His career began in education, first as a teacher and then as a school principal, when he turned the fortunes of a failing school and its pupils around in just two years.

Now regarded as one of the world's leading thinkers on human leadership and organisational transformation, Richard has worked with an extraordinary range of people, from elite athletes to former US President Barack Obama. Named UK Business Speaker of the Year three times, Richard has been invited to speak on the world’s most recognised stages, including TED, the RSA and the BBC.

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Richard Gerver
Richard Gerver
Speaker & author, President of @uksla, LinkedIn Instructor; passionate about #HumanPotential, #leadership, #change, #education & the search for #simple
Gill Hicks AM MBE
Gill Hicks AM MBE
passionate about communicating the power of our shared Humanity through the mediums of Music, Art and Discussion - I DESIGN the HOW to communicate the WHY!
Gill Hicks AM MBE — Motivational Speaker for Peace, Artist, Performer, and Survivor of the 2005 London Bombings