Carrie and David Grant — BAFTA Award-Winning Broadcasters, Entertainment Industry Power Couple, and Singing Coaches to the Stars

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In the premiere episode of The Learning Bridge, we have the distinct pleasure to hear from BAFTA award-winning broadcasters, legendary music industry veterans, and parents of four children, Carrie and David Grant. 

Hear about the very different, yet similarly challenging childhoods Carrie and David each navigated. We discuss their journeys into the entertainment industry, as well as the growth of their relationship, and their various roles as singers, presenters, talent show judges, and singing coaches to the stars. 

We also talk about their family and in particular their four neurodivergent children. Carrie and David discuss what they’ve learnt about their children and how they champion each of them. They also explain what the education system needs to understand about the challenges they and millions of parents like them face. Carrie talks about her own recent diagnosis of being autistic. 

It is a deeply personal and candid episode, which will provoke us all to think differently and to strive to be better. 

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About the guests
Carrie and David Grant are BAFTA award-winning broadcasters, vocal coaches, leadership coaches and campaigners. Their TV and music career has spanned over 35 years and they have been awarded a MOBO award and a BASCA for their lifetime services to the music industry.

David has had 14 hit records and been nominated for 2 Brit Awards. David was awarded an MBE in 2019 for his lifetime services to music. Carrie is a reporter for BBC 1’s The One Show and together with David hosts the Saturday Breakfast Show on BBC Radio London. In 2018 Carrie was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Arts from the University of Bedfordshire and in 2020 an MBE for services to Music, Media and Charity.

Carrie and David have 4 children and are passionate campaigners about adoption, autism, ADHD, invisible disability and inclusion.

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About the host
Richard Gerver is a sought-after speaker, world-renowned thinker, and bestselling author of books including Change and Simple Thinking. His career began in education, first as a teacher and then as a school principal, when he turned the fortunes of a failing school and its pupils around in just two years.

Now regarded as one of the world's leading thinkers on human leadership and organisational transformation, Richard has worked with an extraordinary range of people, from elite athletes to former US President Barack Obama. Named UK Business Speaker of the Year three times, Richard has been invited to speak on the world’s most recognised stages, including TED, the RSA and the BBC.

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  • (00:00) - Carrie and David Grant
  • (00:57) - Introduction and Podcast Overview
  • (02:14) - Guest Introduction: David and Carrie Grant
  • (04:03) - David and Carrie's Personal Journey
  • (05:15) - Transition into the Arts and Entertainment Industry
  • (06:20) - Impact of Fame and Success
  • (06:38) - Raising Neurodivergent Children and Advocacy
  • (09:34) - Reflections on Personal Growth and Self-Perception
  • (27:18) - The Power of Honesty and Constructive Criticism
  • (28:53) - The Struggles of Neurodivergent People
  • (30:13) - The Importance of Truth and Honesty in Relationships
  • (33:02) - The Challenges of Parenting Neurodivergent Children
  • (37:24) - The Power of Emotional Intelligence and Understanding
  • (45:45) - The Future of Education and Leadership

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Creators and Guests

Richard Gerver
Richard Gerver
Speaker & author, President of @uksla, LinkedIn Instructor; passionate about #HumanPotential, #leadership, #change, #education & the search for #simple
David Grant MBE 💙
David Grant MBE 💙
Singer, Vocal Coach, Presenter. Passionate about living for today. Married to @CarrieGrant1 4 children.
Dr Carrie Grant MBE (hc) 💙
Dr Carrie Grant MBE (hc) 💙
Broadcaster, Vocal and Leadership Coach and Campaigner. Co-Author of A Very Modern Family. Married to @DavidGrantSays 4 children. She/her Views my own.
Carrie and David Grant — BAFTA Award-Winning Broadcasters, Entertainment Industry Power Couple, and Singing Coaches to the Stars